Neighbourhood Guide: Le Marais, Paris

This week’s neighbourhood guide is dedicated to my recent trip to Paris, where I stayed in the charming Le Marais neighbourhood. If you are travelling to Paris I would highly recommend staying in this area—it is my absolute favourite. Located in the 3rd arrondissement, it is has a younger artsy crowd, is on the safer side if you’re staying alone, and has some of the best shopping Paris has to offer.

Lost on the way home le marais neighbourhood guide

The Broken Arm Café


  • Bob’s Kitchen (74 Rue des Gravilliers) – A cozy spot to get your organic Vegetarian fix. This place offers curries, noodle bowls and fresh juices. Casual and friendly. Great for breakfast. Owned by American Mark Grossman.  Don’t be alarmed by the lack of décor.
  • The Broken Arm (12 Rue Perrée) – A Charming cafe and concept store filled with the likes of Raf Simmons, Jacquemus and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Great spot for sipping a latte while you observe the fashion crowd that wanders through the place. Even better food with a menu that changes daily.
  • Derrière (69 Rue Gravilliers) – A favourite dinner spot located in an old house decked out with ping pong tables for a little aprés dinner fun. Order the Beef Cheek if you’re not vegetarian and split the dark chocolate mouse for dessert. Be sure to make a reservation.
  • Rose Bakery (30 Rue Debelleyme) – A cute spot for lunch. Isabel Marant eats here. Delicious British-inspired entrées made with fresh produce from the local markets and no shortage of decadent baked goods. Be sure to try the carrot cake or caramel tart.
  • PNY (1 Rue Perrée) – Burgers in Paris. Need I say more? Try the Morning California burger. You won’t regret it!
  • Nanashi (57 Rue Charlot) – This is the best lunch spot to sit down for a healthy fix. While they serve bento boxes, this isn’t a place to pick up sushi, but rather a mixture of healthy salads and grains. Go for the daily special—you can’t go wrong.
  • Beacoup (7 Rue Froissart) – Chic spot for charcuterie and drinks with drool-worthy interior design. If I opened a restaurant I would want it to look like this. Make reservations to avoid waiting with the shopping crowd that tends to carry over form Merci.
  • Carette (25 Place de Vosges) – An absolute must when visiting Paris. This location is conventionally located at Place des Vosges—the lovely neighbourhood park where you can watch all the French people work out in the morning (hint: they don’t). Order yourself an espresso and a buttery croissant to start your day.
Lost on the way home le marais neighbourhood guide

Hotel Hênriette


  • Candeleria (52 Rue de Saintonge) – This Mexican-inspired bodega is comprised of a hidden bar in the back covered up with an underwhelming taqueria in the front. Don’t be put off by the front entrance. Simply make your way to the back and get ready to be impressed. It’s strictly a cocktail bar (the only food they serve is gauc and chips), so be sure to eat dinner before you venture over to this spot (or don’t—no judgement).
  • Workshop (173 Rue Saint Martin) – This bar offers a chill vibe with two floors filled with food, music and drinks. Order a mojito and get cozy. A good spot to hang without trying too hard.
  • Frenchie (5 Rue du Nil)  – If you can score yourself a reservation at Gregory Marchand’s beyond popular, price-fixe restaurant then by all means start your night there. For those less fortunate, cross the street and wait in line for a seat at the Frenchie Wine Bar. A true favourite among Parisians, be sure get their early to secure your seat for the night (the French like to take their time, so you’ll be hard pressed once seats are filled).
  • Andy Wahloo (69 Rue Gravilliers) – From the same owners of Derrière, this bar clearly has a thing for Mr. Warhol. Lounge on the Morrocan-inspired decor and order yourself a French75.
Lost on the way home le marais neighbourhood guide

Merci concept store


  • Merci (111 Boulevard Beaumarchais) – Number one on my list of shops to see in Le Marais. A three-story concept store carrying everything from lighting and furniture to denim and garden tools. Be sure to get your photo op with the fire engine red Fiat at the entrance or grab a coffee at the chic cafe out front.
  • French Trotters (128 Rue Vieille du Temple) – Another French favourite that carries men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and home design goods. The shop imports labels such as Fillippa K, Acne, Band of Outsiders, and more.
  • Comptoir de l’image (44 Rue de Sevigne) – Considered a hidden French treasure, this bookstore is a must see. From vintage Vogue covers from the ’70s to the latest photography coffee table book, you’re sure to find something cool and French to show off to all your friends while on display in your living room.
  • Surface to Air (108 Rue Vieille du Temple) – Another cool bouquet to check out. This shop has it’s own men’s and women’s collection as well as a number of accessories that utilize the sporty French ready-to-wear look.
  • A.P.C. (112 Rue Vieille du Temple) – A true classic French minimalist brand not to be missed. Stock up on denim, tees and the perfect leather cross-body here.
Lost on the way home le marais neighbourhood guide

Place de Vosges


  • Place des Vosges (Place des Vosges) – One of the oldest, yet loveliest parks Paris has to offer, this is a nice quaint spot to wander through as you take a break from brunch or shopping. As you may start to notice, the French sure know how to keep their parks—it makes you question the ones back home.
  • Musée Picasso (5 Rue de Thorigny) – Located in the Hôtel Salé, this maison houses the largest Picasso collection to date. A good spot to soak up some culture in between all the chic boutiques.
  • Le Marché des Enfants Rouges (39 Rue de Bretagne) – Another must in Paris are the food markets. Stop by this cozy market for lunch or stock up on fish, fruit and veggies for dinner. While it’s not one of the larger markets, it is definitely worth checking out.
  • Maison Plisson (93 Boulevard Beaumarchais) – This upscale food market is worth stopping by, if not just to pick up a bottle of wine. The friendly staff will help you pick out fresh produce or cheese, and the gourmet ingredients found downstairs will surely inspire you to cook in one night. It also has a cute cafe next door you can sit and admire all the fancy people shopping at the fancy food market with their fancy clothes and fancy bags.
lost on the way home le marais neighbourhood guide


In terms of venturing outside Le Marais neighbourhood, I have a ton of other favourite spots I’d love to share with you. To keep the list condensed, here are five other places to check out while in Paris:

  • Colette – another favourite concept store in Paris. If you don’t check this out, I don’t know you.
  • Le Comptoir General – a wicked Jamaicaan bar that makes you feel like you’ve transported to a sunny island.
  • Jardin Du Luxembourg – my favourite garden in Paris. Great for a morning run.
  • Marcel – a lovely brunch spot in Montmartre.
  • Le Perchoir – an awesome rooftop bar to sip Rosé and take in amazing views of Paris.

In terms of places to stay I’d recommend finding a cozy chic boutique hotel like the charming Hôtel Henriette, located near the Latin quarter, or find a good loft on Airbnb.

If you’re heading to Paris and have questions please comment below or shoot me an email!

(A big thank you to those who provided their recommendations prior to my trip)