How to elevate a $20 pair of pants and top



So my mom is probably laughing right about now as I post this. She’s probably thinking, “Lauren does not wear $20 pants, what is this girl going on about?” For those of you who don’t know, my mom is always nagging me to stop spending all my money on clothes. I argue that clothes are my hobby so it’s a necessity, not just vanity. She also, just like most mothers, nags me to put myself on a budget and save money.

Well mom, I can dress on a budget and here’s proof: I got these matching top and bottoms for $20 each at Zara this last week and it’s safe to say they’re the ultimate set. Worn at home, the pair act as sophisticated loungewear, but worn out of the house (with my Mackage leather jacket and a few great accessories), this outfit is perfect for days when you want to feel comfortable, yet put-together.

Did I also mention these two items are super versatile? To rock the pants for a night out with friends, I would suggest tucking in a fitted white mock neck tee and adding in a good pair of heels and lipstick to really make the outfit pop.

To shop the outfit scroll down to the bottom of the post. And let me know in the comments below how you like to elevate your steal items!

lost on the way home

lost on the way home


lost on the way home

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