How to dress for summer when you’re not a shorts girl



Hi. Hello. It’s me.

As some of you may know, I have recently decided to step away from working full time at Aritzia in order to focus on my true passion of content creation and writing. With a few different writing projects and a new social media gig, I’m excited for what the summer will bring career-wise. On top of that, I’ve opened up my calendar in order to spend more time blogging because I truly love creating content to share with friends, family and strangers. If I can show you the little bit of my world that gets me excited (brunch, coffee, clothes—all the good stuff), and hopefully get you guys excited too, then my job is done. While I’m just on the horizons of the blogosphere, I can’t wait to collaborate with brands and people I truly respect and love.

As for this outfit post, I’ve got to admit when it comes to summer, I am not a shorts girl. While I may have skinny peg legs (thank you mom), I just feel as if shorts don’t suit my sartorial taste. Instead I like to opt for a culotte or a midi dress on a daily basis. As long as you keep the fabrics lightweight and breathable, you never have to wear a pair of shorts in your life!


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