First day of Fall


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I love fall. You know how everyone waits for summer to start, and act as if the whole rest of the year is total hell and the most difficult to get through? Well that’s like me, except with fall. It’s like I finally feel at ease because the weather cools down and I can cozy up in a sweater whenever I feel like it. Maybe it’s because the beginning of autumn always signalled the new school year and a fresh start, but I will never shake that feeling of excitement I get when the first few leaves start to fall and the days get shorter.

Another reason why fall is the best? New clothes! This year I’ve made a strict wish list which consists of a pretty lace dress, a pair of well made loafers, cropped flare denim, as well as a big cozy wrap coat.

On another note, this season also marks my first full time career job that I can’t wait to start at Aritzia support office. Here’s to new beginnings — I hope your fall is as good as mine! 🙂