What happens when you turn 25 and don’t have it figured out



Hi guys. I’m back at it again after a month-long hiatus since starting a new job and taking a much-needed summer vacation. I’d like to say I’ve somewhat learned how to carve time out my schedule to post, but let me tell you it’s not been very easy these days. Justin Bieber told me to take a deep breath and let it go in the song “Cold Water,” so I’m taking these instructions very seriously.


I turned 25 last week, which caused me to do a lot of deep (probably overly-dramatified) pondering about what exactly I’ve been doing these past few months. (A) I moved home to live with my parents for what I thought would be two months, but slowly dragged out  into 8 months, and (B) I hadn’t yet made the steps I wanted career-wise that I had so meticulously planned pre-graduation, and (C) I was left disheartened and unhappy with both my work and personal life.

So what exactly was I doing with my life, you ask? Well, I was working three different jobs, slowly worsening my anxiety due to stress about hitting deadlines and being too busy to see friends and family, I was doing long distance with my boyfriend, which felt like a thousand daggers to my heart every time I had to say bye to him (I told you I was dramatic), and then there was the fact that I couldn’t land a full-time career job because of my “lack of 3-5 years experience in the industry.”


Now, I’ve spoken to a countless number of friends and individuals in their early to mid-20s who, similar to me, have no idea what they are doing with their lives. The real-estate market has sky-rocketed, leaving few options for moving out of the parents house, jobs are limited in the Canadian fashion industry (oh, sorry what industry?), and millennials who have done their time working unpaid internships, with often long hours and little pay-off, are left jobless, homeless (thank god for parents), and without a clue what they are doing with their lives.


What now? Where do we go from here?  I’m going to take into serious consideration the things that make me the most the happy, which might mean moving back to Toronto, looking for jobs in a slightly (but very similar) job industry, and figuring it out from there. Maybe I won’t land that perfect job right away, but I don’t think there’s any reason to ever stop trying. I will get where I am going, whether it takes an extra year or two to get started.


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Have you guys gone through similar experiences? Let me know in the comments below, and what you are doing to stay motivated.