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Need to Know: Vancouver Edition

December 16, 2015



As of today I’ve officially been living in Vancouver for two weeks! While I’m missing Toronto and all the awesome people that grew to become some of my closest friends over the last six years, I’m happy to be home with my actual family again. While it’s a little bit weird to be back, there’s definitely a feeling of nostalgia that comes along with being home.

As the holidays grow near I’m working full time and barely have time to blog, but I wanted to put together a Need-to-know list—à la Vancouver. From the brunch spot I tried this week to my new favourite shop and nail salon, here’s what I’m currently coveting this week in Vancouver.

1. Nelson the Seagull: Went to this lovely little gem in gastown for breakfast with my best friend last weekend and it was everything. The avocado toast lived up to my standards for sure. It’s also a good spot to pick up a quick coffee.

2. Estée Lalonde: My boyfriend would probably laugh if he saw this one. Estée Lalonde is definitely my most FAVOURITE person in life. Once you start watching her Youtube videos you won’t be able to stop. Her personality is infectious. I almost cried when I saw this feature in Darling’s latest issue because it’s just so damn perfect.

3. Hymn For The Weekend: This song by Coldplay featuring Queen Béy in the background is currently on repeat in my Apple Music lineup.

4.  Joyride: A really cool new nail salon that opened in Kits which I will be sure to check out in the next week. Nail art is encouraged and I will be trying that bad-ass mini triangle deco featured in the intro image.

5. 720 Sweets: If you know what’s good for you then you will check this new soft serve shop out. I like to think of this place as the Sweet Jesus of Vancouver. Order the Honey 720, a delicious combination of soft serve, rich honey drizzle and sweet golden honeycomb topped with a ghostly nitrogen gas smoke for a wow-all display.

6. Wildebeest: A new(ish) Gastown favourite. After going here this week with a friend I can safely say it’s a 10/10. Try their daily charcuterie board to start and order the Roasted Chicketta with crispy cauliflower and puffed rice as your main. For dessert opt for the Cereal Milk Ice Cream served with caramel popcorn and vanilla meringue.

7. Eastwood Cycle: The next workout class on my list. The trendy gastown spin sanctuary offers a number of classes at different levels, from The Icon (music based, set your own tension) to The Cyclist, which is 75 minute intense number for true spin-class devotees.

8. Le Marché St. George: This charming café and general store operated by Janaki Larsen has become an integral part of the Riley Park area. The shop has a little something for everyone—it acts as the perfect lunch spot to meet with friends, a general store where you can pick up fresh produce and pantry staples, and it’s also a place to pick up rustic home goods and gifts. What more could you want?


All images are courtesy of Instagram.

– XX


Why You Need to Take a Break

November 12, 2015



Image via Jo Malone

These days, work and your social life can take up the majority of your waking hours. This is all well and good, but there will come a time when you need to recognize when to bow out and take a breather. In Garance Doré’s book she points out that during Fashion Week she tends to lose perspective. This is so true in anyones life, when you find that you’re always busy and have no time to yourself, you tend to lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and take the time to reconfigure your mindset. Say no to that third night out in a row with friends and start up that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch or whip out that book you’ve tucked away for so long.

When you decide to take a night off be sure to find something that lets you actually relax and stop thinking about work or any other stress-related topics. Also try your best to unplug—no trolling Instagram or creeping Facebook please. Lastly, find something that you actually enjoy doing. For me that means taking a hot bath or shower with my favourite aroma oils or bath salts, lighting a scented candle and reading a good book. Some nights it also means snacking on dark chocolate and binge-watching The Mindy Project, because no one gets me like Mindy Lahiri and Morgan Tookers.

lost on the way home cozy night in

  1. Pajamas
  2. Bath Salts
  3. Bra
  4. Chocolate
  5. Hand Cream
  6. Underwear
  7. Book
  8. Socks
  9. Pajama bottoms
  10. Candle


Life / Weekly Edit

The Weekly Edit

November 11, 2015



I had a lot of good feedback from my old blog when I created the It List posts that consisted of my favourite things so I decided to create a similar series on Lost called The Weekly Edit. It will comprise of everything I am currently coveting. From a new restaurant or recipe to my favourite podcast or magazine cover, this series is here to provide you with inspiration and just generally really cool and awesome stuff.

This week I’m loving the following.

  1. Lea Seydoux – The newest Bond girl has stolen my heart. Not only is she a true Parisian, she’s got the glamour and sophistication to prove it (I’m obsessed with her old Hollywood beauty look). She’s also freaking awesome in Spectre, which my boyfriend made me see and I’m not mad about it.
  2. The Walton – A new Toronto café & cocktail bar on College that emulates a classic charm and cordial atmosphere you might be hard pressed to find these days. They serve coffee and pastries from the Tempered Room in the mornings and act as your friendly neighbourhood bar come nighttime. See you there this Friday, guys!
  3. Woman of the Hour – Lena Dunham’s new podcast. Her first mini episode features my all-time favourite Emma Stone and they discuss what they would and would not like to be called. Okay on the list are all seven of the dwarves from Snow White – you know, Dopey and Sneezy. Something tells me I’d fall under the name Sleepy.
  4. Why Not Me? – Currently reading Mindy Kaling’s second book. I honestly think we are soul mates or we were best friends in another life. She. just. gets. me.
  5. Le Voyageur – I’m all out of notebooks so I’m stocking up on my favourite stationary from Poketo. And what is Poketo, you ask? It’s an uber-cool lifestyle boutique that resides in The Line Hotel located in L.A.’s Korea town neighbourhood. They also ship internationally!
  6. The Lady Bag – My next absolutely-cannot-live-without splurge. It’s sold out (naturally), but I will get my hands on this perfect, wonderfully simple, yet amazing bag.
  7. Love Style Life – The ever Parisian-chic blogger Garance Doré’s book. I met her on Tuesday at the Club Monaco Yorkville location book signing and I can tell you she is a truly inspiring woman. Plus she’s got a wicked sense of humour that shines through in the book, similar to that of fellow Frenchie Caroline de Maigret.

Hope you enjoy this week’s edits.